Loose toilet seat

Toilet seats have an innate configuration defect: they work loose and wobble. Enduring Seat alters that loose toilet seat rapidly and effectively, with no requirement for apparatuses.

Through the span of time the toilet seat works loose. This reasons it Loose toilet seat to move, wobble or shake when being used. This is continually irritating, frequently causes burden and can once in a while lead to the seat breaking, or even cause a harm to the sitter!

We have made a basic yet powerful and simple to fit connection that tackles this issue for the last time. Women and Gentlemen, we gladly display The Steady Seat! The via the path of least resistance to alter a loose toilet seat, no instruments required.

We strived to think of a configuration that was as all inclusive as could be allowed, that would work with numerous blends of dish and seat.

We ensured that appropriate cleaning of the toilet was still conceivable when The Steady Seat was set up.

We ensured that The Steady Seat could be fitted effortlessly, without any instruments required and a straightforward method for situating The Steady Seat effectively.

In the event that you don't have an issue with a loose toilet seat, we wager you know somebody who does! What's more, obviously, you can fit a Steady Seat now to spare an issue later on.

Note: The seat requires a level underside to which The Steady Seat can stick. In the event that the underside of the seat is emptied then, in it's ebb and flow frame, The Steady Seat won't act as viably

SteadySeat is composed in Britain and made in Britain.

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