we take inspiration from our deep roots in lifestyle fashion, our various passions and life experiences. We aim to create quality, hard-wearing products, and unique collectibles comprised of counter-culture graphics and clean aesthetics, with one constant value: No compromise.

The origin of ‘The whole nine yards’ is unclear, and has been attributed to army slang, ships, tailoring and even baseball. Wherever LRG T-Shirts it comes from, the meaning stays the same and remains our mantra: “Give it everything.”

established in 2015, aims to provide you access to a great range of branded apparel and accessories for all of your fashion requirements. With a wealth of experience in retail and a forward thinking team dedicated to sourcing the hottest brands and styles direct to your door. We supply an extensive range of menswear, womenswear and accessories from brands we grew up admiring as well as offering the latest trends. Nine Yards Store is the home of mens and womens fashion brands including Crook and Castles, Slydes, Nine Yards, Hype, Born x Raised, Famous Stars and Straps. American Socks, Non Conformists, Civil, LRG, Rum Knuckles, AONO, Matix, Nicce, SSUR etc.

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