Types of automatic movements for replica watches

The movement is the heart of a mechanical watch; the quality means its lifetime and its accuracy. There are about hundreds of various chronograph movements on the market today. Quality and price of watches are depending on how they work. Each mechanism is enclosed in the watch-case and is called the "body" of the watch. Mainly there are used 3 types of the automatic movements into replica watches industry: Swiss ETA, Valjoux 7750 and Japanese. But how many customers know the difference between these movements? For those of you well-versed in watch movements this may not be anything new, but for others who aren't that familiar, it would be useful to know.

Generally speaking, the quality difference between these three kinds of movement is like: ETA > 7750 > Japanese. That's why Japanese movements cost 10-30% less than Swiss movements. Most watch companies are using ETA or Valjoux 7750 to make their watches. For example, IWC firm is buying watch mechanisms from ETA. ETA and Valjoux 7750 mechanisms are the brainchild of the mighty company ETA, which in turn is owned by the Swatch Group. Nowadays Swatch Group is the undisputed leader not only in creating the finished watch movements, but also in the delivery of the already completed mechanisms and regulatory components.

Swiss movements are divided into two types: modular movements and integrated movements. Modular movements like the ETA 2892-A2 based movements and chronograph plate (28,800 bph, 37 jewels, 47 h power-reserve) are designed as a watch movement with the ability to 'bolt on' additional modules - chronograph, moon phase, perpetual / semi-perpetual, etc as well as other complications - power reserve, for example. However, there is another kind of the ETA movements. ETA 2824-2 is probably the most common quality Swiss movement. It's a good first choice, because it's simpler, it's cheaper and easy to service. Anyway, products of ETA company differs by their reliability, durability, quality and control over the technology of the movements. Therefore, when you meet words "Swiss ETA movement" in the description of a watch model, you should know that it is a watch with a high-quality Swiss mechanism. Examples of watches that use this movement are: Omega automatic Speed masters (with helper dials at 3,6 and 9), Chopard Mille Miglia chrono, Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronograph, Hublot Navy.

Integrated movements like the Valjoux 7750 based movement are designed from the ground up for their function - a chronograph in this case. The Valjoux 7750 is one of the most famous movements. Valjoux is not a maker but the original designer of the movement. It uses an automatic-winding module attached to the top of the movement, winding in one direction by Replica bag means of a single double-click wheel. Initially using 17 jewels, current versions run in 25. This is a highly durable, proven movement. Franck Muller uses it on occasions, as well as IWC, Baume&Mercier, Cartier, etc.

Japanese movements typically are much cheaper and simpler than Swiss movements ETA, which are recognized as the gold standard for quality worldwide. However, the quality of the both mechanisms is highly guaranteed, for the customers' best Replica watch convenience the products are being carefully monitored by the representatives of both manufacturing countries.